Friday, 26 February 2010


For this project we got a list of syllables that we had to put together in some way to create a brand name for either a political party, art movement, character or company. I chose to do an art movement, and it just so happened that one of the names i was able to create was Ne-Yoism.

Don't get me wrong, i don't care for Ne-Yo, but i thought this might be a good name for an art movement that focusses on the state of today, how everything moves so fast and things can easily be overlooked. It was also kind of to do with the space around us, how spaces can become lost and i was interested in how no new space is ever created, only used in different ways. It was all quite tongue in cheek and not terribly well thought through, which was kind of the point, it was the kind of art movement which would be born from the culture of now.

I hosted an exhibition for the grand unveiling of Ne-Yoism. It comprised of about 8 or 9 works of Art all created by fictional artists, who were all front runners in the Ne-yoism scene.

This was all about empty pocket space. Imagine the billions of pockets in the world which go unused, all that space unfilled! I shredded all the waste from creating the exhibition and instead of paying an entrance fee, visitors had to fill their pockets up. Also making a point about the wasteful nature of today.

These pieces were old art movements badly revisited in the spirit of today. The idea was a kind of play on words, Ne-yo (Neo) Minimailsm, Ne-yo PopArt and Ne-yo Dada. Ne-Yo PopArt was done with the Popart effect on photobooth. I quite like Ne-Yo Dada.

This was about taking areas that aren't noticed much and bringing attention to them. I noticed that corners of rooms are greatly overlooked. They look abit like flags too...

Imagine a photocopier that had been in the same place in the same room for like 20 years. This would be the ghostly imprint it would leave when removed...

These were some screenprints i had done at around the same time and realised that they fitted quite well with the theme of Ne-Yoism. The hanging blocks make up a QWERTY keyboard.

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