Friday, 26 February 2010

Codename: Earniverse

We were asked to make a 24 page book responding in some way to all the sounds you hear in 24 hours.

I turned it into a faux-scientific study of a newly discovered area of space, codenamed the Earniverse...

It is essentially a timeline of the sounds i heard in the day, each page being an hour and each planet representing a sound. The rules were:

Planets resembling ears were nicer sounds, decreasing in niceness as they began to resemble noses.
Planets that move towards red were louder sounds, towards purple were quieter.
The size of the planet represents the length of the sound.

Soo a big red ear shaped planet was a long loud nice sound.

I recorded every sound i heard throughout the day and put them on a CD, with all the track names corresponding to the planets.

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